Student Housing: Why you need to choose campus proximity over bars and pubs


Perhaps the first sign of independence in an individual’s life is the point of time when they leave their parent’s house to go to another city to pursue their education aspirations. Most students do not have the time or energy remaining to assess the emotional burden and implications of moving away as they get buried in semantics – college applications, financial arrangements, entrance exam preparations and looking into accommodation options.

As far as the last stipulation is concerned, some students apply for accommodation in their college hostels while others reside with relatives or family friends. And the remaining students, who do not avail of either of the two options, choose to place their trust in student housing.

What is Student Housing

A student housing is a places of residence that provides accommodation to students belonging to other cities or towns. Along with accommodation, student housing also provides the students with meals and other facilities like WiFi, washing machines, electrical stoves, etc. Students residing in student housing are generally termed Paying Guests, or PGs.

Bars and Clubs v/s Campus

Many students wonder whether they must take up accommodation near the college campus or close to areas that provide numerous venues for entertainment like bars and pubs. Some students point out that since socialization and partying are integral parts of adult life, especially the college chapter, and hence, taking up residence near bars and pubs would be significant towards a superior college experience.

However, this argument is frivolous to say the least. While socializing and partying are indeed important, the main focus of college life is education. While a lot of learning can take place outside the college campus, there is no doubt as to whether education should be the topmost priority for any student or not. Moreover, the perusal of most educational courses would require the student to attend classes in the college fairly frequently so taking up accommodation near the campus would certainly be advisable. In contrast, bars and pubs would not make for frequent visits. By taking up residence near college campus, students would be able to save precious time and money on travel. As far as socializing is concerned, even a college campus provides opportunities for socializing through means such as extra-curricular activities. In addition to that, the location of bars or pubs close to student housing could end up inciting the students to visit these venues more frequently, leading to an abject wastage of money and time, and the risk of falling into wrong company.

Hence, a careful consideration of the benefits and shortfalls of the two alternatives brings to light the fact that taking up student housing near the college campus would be a sensible decision.