Factors in choosing a Student Housing


June slowly draws itself to a hot, sticky end, bringing on July and August. In India, that can mean only one thing – college season! Yes, it’s the time for busy students, worrying parents, gloating coaching institutes and helpful seniors looking to pass on the knowledge.

At this time of the year, students find themselves all muddled up, their hands full with various tasks – getting their academic records sorted, finding out and marking dates for important exams, arranging study material, practicing sample papers and arranging for travel and accommodation if their dream college happens to be in another city.

Moving out of one’s parents’ home is a tough task that brings with it another set of pressure altogether. Some students are lucky enough to land a spot in their college hostel, which affords them great convenience and safety. Others are unlucky enough to have a relative living in the town they are moving to, ensuring their parents of their safety and the student of the death of their privacy. Yet others do not avail either of the two facilities and look for student houses to live in as PGs – Paying Guests.

While searching for a good student house, any prospective student must look at a few stipulations:

  1. Location: There are two aspects from which a student should consider this stipulation. Firstly, the student must look at the location of the student house in relation to the college they aspire to study at. The house must not be too far from the college. Secondly, the student must also consider the general location – the surroundings, the availability of bus-stands, stores around the house, etc.
  2. Cost: Following a scourge of the location, the student must compare the costs of living at the house to their budget. The cost of living includes the rent; travel expenses, if any; and other miscellaneous expenses such as clothes, outings or stationery.
  3. Safety: An often-overlooked aspect, this actually holds great importance. Students must ensure that their place of residence while they’re studying is in a safe locality and is well-guarded.
  4. Facilities: Any student must also check into the facilities provided by any student house. This includes but is not limited to WiFi connection, washing machine privileges, separate baths, appropriate heating/cooling facilties, etc. This also takes into fray the food provided in the mess of the house.
  5. Crowd: Perhaps the best factor while deciding upon a student house is the crowd of students already residing there. A conversation with a PG would enable a new student to make an informed decision based on the former’s opinion and advice. Since a large part of the student’s coming years would be spent with the crowd at the student house, it would be prudent to see the type of people that reside at the place.

Moving away is not merely a geographical decision, it takes on financial, emotional and mental connotations. College is an extremely important part of any person’s life and a good student house goes a long way into providing an atmosphere of nurturing and growth.