Can non-students live in Student Housings?


It was during the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England that London was established as the first metropolis of the world. Comprising of a population belonging to different classes, occupations and cultures, London came to be a hub of work and industry that was to signal the world’s shift towards modernity. To the populace of neighbouring towns, villages and the countryside, London represented the key to financial stability and held the distinction of being the land of opportunities. These features attracted major numbers to the growing city, a myriad of talented, young people with multitudes of skills.

Working Professionals in Delhi

As the world progressed, many other cities came to join the list of metropolitans, with some of them even attaining international appeal as places of opportunities. Indian metropolitan cities include Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and the capital of our country, New Delhi. Among these, New Delhi receives the highest intake of expats, i.e., individuals looking to find job opportunities in a place other than their city of birth/residence. Talent from states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh come to Delhi in search of better means of occupation and profession as compared to their respective hometowns and often succeed in finding lucrative career options in a myriad of fields.

Accommodation for Professionals – A Problem

Once a job is attained, most working professionals look to complete other formalities necessary. Out of all of these, the most important is finding accommodation for themselves. A small minority of these candidates might have relatives in the city but often, they choose to not stay with their relatives. In this case, they are forced to take a gander at their other options. Again, it is worth noting that some companies provide accommodation to their employees as part of their remunerative benefits but often, it is not convenient or economical for these companies to provide such facilities, forcing their employees to look for accommodation themselves.
The options thus left in front of the employees are hostels, apartments and student housings. Hostels are usually affiliated to educational institutes, making them unfeasible to non-students. Hostels that cater to working professionals measure extremely few in number. Moreover, these hostels function on extremely strict timelines and schedules which are tough for working professionals to maneuver through. Any job in the modern, technology-driven world warrants late workdays and unpredictable timetables. Thus, most expats do not opt for hostels.
Apartments are usually a popular option but they come with loads of hassle. Shifting into an apartment is a long, tedious process of finding an appropriate location, looking for options through a broker, judging the options from the financial lens, bargaining with the landlord, arranging for furniture in case of unfurnished apartments and completing the technical process of shifting, like documentation. In addition to that, living in apartment implies taking care of one’s food and laundry. Any working professional might find it difficult to indulge in laundry or cook food after a tiring day. Moreover, buying/renting a washing machine or hiring a maid for the work could prove to be an expensive process. Moving into an apartment would be akin to a young adult forcing life upon themselves.

Student Housings – The Solution

Another popular choice among working professionals would be to seek accommodation in student housings. Student housings are places of living that seek to recreate the hostel experience, albeit with more facilities and an easier schedule. While these are extremely popular among students of various educational institutes (hence the term ‘student housings’), a huge number of student housings provide accommodation to working professionals. Since they’re not affiliated to any college or university, student housings do not feel the need to discriminate between students and non-students, taking in anyone who would require accommodation as Paying Guests (PGs). Such housings encompass facilities like WiFi, washing machines and television sets in order to make their PGs’ residence more comfortable. Moreover, facilities like WiFi make it easy for working professionals to be able to keep up with their work while at home. Student housings provide safety to their PGs and allow to them a life more convenient than any hostel or apartment.
In the sphere of student housings, Student Acco is the best option for students and working professionals seeking accommodation. Our location-based listings provide to their users an extensive list of options in preferred areas, along with contact details of the landlords. Direct communication is facilitated between the two parties, eliminating the use of brokers which substantially reduces the cost of moving. Moreover, our service provides for quick shifting, devoid of any red-tapism. In addition to this, it allows users to categorize housings on the basis of their budgets and room preferences and allows for shorter periods of stay.
Hence, for any professional looking to move into a new city, it would be prudent to avail of the advantages of student housings. Not only are they safe and loaded with facilities, they’re extremely economical. In conclusion, they provide the best of both worlds – convenience and economy.