Tips to find the best PG in Noida.

best PG in Noida

Every person has his perspective of living in Noida, some good, and some bad. There is a huge difference in living in Noida and living in Delhi. After all, Noida is a more commercial place, from big MNC companies to huge buildings, Noida has it all. Therefore, there are also many PGs in Noida. 

Finding a PG in Noida isn’t that hard, but finding the best PG may take some effort. That is why we will give you a few tips to help you find the best PG in Noida.

1. Metro connectivity.

The biggest problem you will face in Noida is traveling from one place to another if you do not have a vehicle of your own. That’s why finding a PG near the metro station is very important. 

Metros are the safest way to travel from one place to another. They are also the most affordable one. Therefore, look for PG that is near the metro station, as it will be easier for you to travel from work or college to your home. 

2. Food availability. 

If do not know the art of culinary, then you should look for a PG in Noida, that provides amazing or at least decent food at a reasonable cost. 

They are many PG accommodations that provide food at some extra cost in rent. But before hopping on a train to move there, take opinions from past or current tenets on their food or check their ratings on our website.

3. Conduct research.

Before buying anything, we all do some research. So, why not while looking for a PG. Do minimum research online or offline. You can ask the tenants who are currently living there, or you can just log into our website to see their ratings. 

Many PG imposes a lot of restrictions on students living there, especially girls PG. That is why you need to check whether the restrictions are for the safety or just to annoy you. The other important factor you need to research on is whether the PG has furnished with the availability of all basic amenities.

4. Figure out your budget.

Before you start seeing the available options, you need to figure out your monthly budget. You have to check if the PG fits in your budget or not. You need to consider everything, such as rent, security deposit, and any extra charge on amenities.  

Look for a PG who provides all the necessary facilities in your budget and do not have any hidden fee. Therefore, do read the agreement before signing it. 

5. Safety and Security.

Safety and security are the main concern in Noida. That is why you need to keep this factor very seriously. 

Safety and security should be your main priority. Check how safe is the locality your PG located in, and how far is the nearest police station. Also, check the security of the PG you live. Although most PG provides security still, you do need to check if its reliable or not.


Moving to a different city is very challenging, especially if you are a student. The above tips will help you find the best PG in Noida. Therefore, from security to your budget, keep every factor in mind while looking for a PG.